Customer Testimonials for Chris's Century Car Company

Mary Penny - 2007 Honda Element

Helpful, quick, and fair. I was able to get a great car and neither the owner nor anyone else there treated me like I didn't know what I was doing (other 20-something females who have ever bought a car on their own might understand.) They offered a warranty, even on an older vehicle and the car is running great. Car was totally clean and had just had routine maintenance done on it when I picked it up. Very happy with my experience.

Raymond Brown - 2007 Dodge Charger

I got my last two cars from this place and the guys who work there really made the whole thing very easy and fun,,were going to be family for a long time,you gotta check it out for yourself.

Shay Ellingson - 08' Volkswagen Passat (Turbo)

"Joel & Doug were so helpful with my purchase, they even stayed late to show me another car (which I sold myself on) after first test driving a Volvo. I needed to get a wagon/hatchback that would fit my massage table for my therapy business, so we broke out the tape measure and cell phones for flash lights :) First time I ever financed a vehicle and got a great rate through Century-Car. Really enjoying my Passat...Thank you!" -Shay [Saint Paul, MN] Sept. 2015

Zach Ruppel - 05' Jeep Wrangler

"Excited about my very first purchase! The finance broker Doug worked really hard to get me approved and took the time to explain everything to us (better than a high school math teacher). Whole staff was super helpful. Who knows I might have to come work for you. And Joel, easiest way to get into my new Jeep?...I'll take the doors off so everyone can see me when I roll up to drill next. At EASE! Thanks, -Zach [Woodbury, MN] Sept. 2015

Maria Treadwell (Dan & Family) - 05' Mazda MPV LX (mini-van)

"We really needed a mini-van and Doug helped us with great financing. Process was easy with him and even made the kids smile during the paperwork. Very happy with our purchase experience. So much more room now and we're already customizing the van with magnets for the kids. Thanks again!" -Maria [Saint Paul, MN] Sept. 2015

Everett Hellige - 06' Ford Focus ZX4

"Pat & Joel helped me purchase this nice used Focus -the same day it came available on their lot. Great timing, good customer service & I even got two sets of keys with matching fobs...saved me an extra $75 bucks! Thanks guys." -Everett [Saint Paul, MN] Sept. 2015